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Quick Result Training & Coaching

In these 1 hour online seminars learn practical Techniques to:

  • Increase team performance
  • Reduce frustration
  • Increase the ROI on the wages you pay
  • Grow faster 

New Seminars are added monthly.  Check out what’s coming up here 

These 2 week self paced skill labs are designed for busy Business Owners & Leaders who want to build their People Management and Leadership skills in response to their  People Management Challenges. 

  • Complete daily bite-sized mini-modules in just 15 min per day
  • Practice throughout the day to get results fast 
  • Gain new people management skills in just 2 weeks

New labs are added regularly.  Check out the labs here

In these 6 week to 12 month Leadership Development Programs, Business Owners and Leaders learn how to

Grow your Business faster by leveraging your biggest asset — YOUR TEAM

  • consciously create a high performing company culture
  • Lead from your values
  • Make a bigger leadership impact

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Coaching is offered in a few different ways:

1.  Addon Coaching – Offered with all skill labs.  Add coaching to clarify lessons or get help to implement the skills. See Skill Labs

2.  Small Group Coaching – Get personalized coaching in a small group format when participating in Leadership Intensives.  Build community, brainstorm and learn  with 12-15 like-minded Business Owners and Leaders going through similar growth pains and leadership challenges.  More info.

3.  Individual Coaching – 6 and 12 month packages for Business Owners and Leaders who want to achieve their goals and grow faster. More details here

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get results?

Action takers will see immediate results and slower implementers will see slow or no results.  The question is, are you ready to have the leadership impact that you want and will you do the work required to get the results.  If you have 15 minutes per day to dedicate to this, then you’ll get results.


Research has shown that learning by doing is much more effective than just getting information.  The second factor is time.  Business Owners and Leaders, like you, are busy with little extra time.  So my courses build your skills in a series of learning bytes.  Each byte (mini-module) arrives in your inbox first thing in the morning.  You have the option of reading the lesson or watching the video lesson.  Some lessons are followed by a quick exercise to illustrate the point.  Once complete you can practice the lesson throughout your regular day. Then build on that skill the next day.  If you do this daily for 2 weeks you’ll build the skills and see results. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I offer a full money back guarantee.  Try the first two modules and if you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll refund the full cost of the program.

What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you hit the buy button you will receive an email with login details to our secure membership site, where you can get started with your first lesson. 

About Your Course Creator

Angela Heit

Angela Heit

Founder and CEO

Crysalis People Solutions &  DreamTeam.Solutions


Some bigger clients I’ve worked with

I get it!  You have a million options for leadership training.  So why pick this one?


Hi, I’m Angela Heit and I’m a self-professed serial entrepreneur.  I’m currently running my third business and just launched my fourth.  I was fortunate to have built my second venture into a multi-seven figure business in 4 short years before I sold it.  So, I understand what it takes to grow a successful business.  

For more than 25 years I’ve helped 100s of small business and fortune 500 clients build better teams.  Based on that experience, I’ve created this series of courses that show you how to avoid their mistakes and repeat their successes.

Both their experiences and my own have taught me that improving your leadership skills will both increase the trajectory of your business growth and the amount of happiness you feel while going through the process.

I’m looking forward to showing you how. See you on the inside.



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