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Quick Result Action Oriented Business Coaching

 This IS for you if:

  • You are a leader with a business that you’d like to grow
  • You want to authentically lead from your values
  • You’re ready to identify and work from your unique genius and build a business and team structure that supports it
  • You want a clear, action plan to reach your desired results
  • You’re willing to get into action and implement
  • You value the guidance of someone who’s been there and can keep you on track when you hit those inevitable speed bumps 
  • You want to enjoy the process and have fun reaching your goals along the way

A recent study on coaching done by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found “the average Return on Investment on coaching was 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported an ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost.” 

Hi, I’m Angela Heit and I just celebrated 26 years in business for myself.  Over those years I’ve created 4 businesses with my second one growing to multi-seven figures before I sold it.  I’ve experienced successes like these and also some massive failures.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to be trusted by 100s of Business Owners and Leaders to help them grow their businesses.  I’ve witnessed them achieve incredible successes and I’ve also watched or helped them out of some doozies when it comes to mistakes.

Over the years, I’m proud that I was smart enough to not try and do it all myself. I’m proud that I invested in myself, and I believed in my DREAM enough to hire the experts that I needed to make it happen.

If you’ve been struggling with your dream, it’s because you probably don’t have:

  • Accountability to take action
  • A plan to stop spinning your wheels
  • Support and community to believe in yourself

When you work with me you get that as well as the benefit of learning from the mistakes and successes of my clients.

My Philosophy:

I have a multi-disciplined approach to business coaching and come to it from not only my experience but also:

  • My Education: I have degrees in behavioural psychology at the graduate level. My thesis applied family systems theory to entrepreneurial businesses and explored how entrepreneurs re-create their family issues in their business.  What a great way to work on both your business and yourself.
  • The Creative Process: I’ve experienced great satisfaction from creating in clay, paint and fabric, but I’ve found that creating a business is the most satisfying of all. Where else can you turn an idea into something tangible so quickly.  When a business takes shape and produces great results consistently – the ride is magical, exciting and and exhilarating.  There’s nothing like it!
  • Self Development:  Having a dream and creating a business from that dream takes courage and a constant examining of how to do better.  It’s not for the faint of heart and often requires someone in your corner.  I’m here to cheer you on and offer tips and tricks to move you forward.
  • Values and Mindset:  We differentiate ourselves and our business from others through our values.  Every day we as Leaders face 1000s of decisions.  Consistently making those decisions from our authentic values instead of from fear or mistaken beliefs is the true work behind success.
  • Law of Attraction:  Getting really clear on what we want.  Learning how to get out of our own way.  Taking massive inspired and strategic action.  And an attitude of gratitude allows success to come a lot faster.
  • My Belief in You:  We all have an innate inner guidance that gives us the capacity to make our dream a reality.  If you’re here you want to develop that capacity. I can show you how and I know that you can.

If you think my style is one that will help you achieve your dreams please send me a note using the form below so we can arrange a time to talk.  You’ll get a taste of how I work and you’ll get answers to all your questions. 

Here’s to your success!  Angela

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